Alessandria Love Hardcore Remastered

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Alessandria Love Hardcore Remastered

Cast: Alessandria Love, Ann Marie
Release Date:
Duration: 00:45:07
Site: FootFetishDaily


According to our site stats, Ann Marie is the second most popular girl on this site after Roxy. So I decided to invite her over to break in newbie Alessandria Love. It was funny, both girls had exactly the same reaction when they saw each other Wow, she”s hot! Suddenly Alessandria”s shyness was gone. She loooves girls in real life. Ann Marie plays a creepy sorority sister with a foot fetish who”s in charge of hazing the new pledge. Part of the hazing involves bastinado, or foot torture. In this case, Ann Marie wraps rubber bands around the poor girl”s feet, then snaps them against her tender young soles. Ouch! Since they both have the exact same shoe size, the two girls also go sole to sole for a sexy mirror segment. And both have real orgasms compliments of each other”s tongues and pink, vibrating little friends. If you love Latinas, if you love succulent soles and toes, and if you love girl-on-girl action, you”re gonna love this movie.

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