Ally Style & Foxie

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Ally Style & Foxie

Cast: Ally Style, Foxie
Release Date: Dec 29, 2016
Duration: 00:31:42
Site: FisterTwister


Hot blonde Foxies and Ally Style appear on Fister Twister today and Foxies cant wait to have her wicked way with Ally! Stunning dark haired Ally looks so sexy in her red nautical styled dress and soon Foxies is getting more intimate as the two girls strip and start kissing. Foxies caresses Ally”s pussy and then gapes it wide apart while Ally lays back and cups her small but perky tits. Foxies starts to finger Ally”s gorgeous hole and then as Ally bends over into the doggystyle position, she gapes her ass too! Using a pink double dildo, Foxies forces Ally to suck it then slides it into Ally”s eager pussy then after toying her for a bit, she folds the dildo in half and shoves the other end in too, making Ally”s pussy stretch to the max! Now that Ally”s pussy is suitably stretched ready for the action that is about to occur, Foxies slide…

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