Anna & Mina Punished

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Anna & Mina Punished

Duration: 00:17:27
Site: ShadowLane


The discipline resumes when Anna and Mina enter the sitting room stripped down to their most elegant corsets and highest heels. Miss Winthrop gracefully accepts that the girls wish to display their exquisite foundation garments, but draws the line at Mina39s outrageous nine inch fetish pumps, for which there can be no excuse in the wardrobe of one so young and presumably innocent. Bending each young woman over a sofa arm, Miss Winthrop applies the strap, paddle, birch and cane to their fully reddened and ever more tender, slim, but well upholstered bare bottoms. Slow build up not withstanding, the caning finale is the element, which finally breaks the will of the proud Mina, causing her to apologize for her bad behavior to both Anna and her concerned teacher.

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