Bella in Crazy Bella video

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Bella in Crazy Bella video

Cast: Bella
Release Date: Dec 13, 2012
Duration: 00:20:56
Site: Wet And Pissy


This scene stars Bella but we like to call her Crazy Bella around the studio. You see Bella will do whatever it takes to make her fans happy. She is completely open with her body and she gets turned on as she puts on her world famous piss shows. In this scene you will see her show off her sweet pussy. Bella knows you want to see her pee all over herself and she is more than happy to oblige. She wets her pink panties as she straddles our famous clear plastic chair. This allows you to see pools of urine gather beneath her sexy ass cheeks. Bella is more than happy to show you how sweet her pussy is as she pulls her lips out and to the side, demonstrating how big they are. During oral, Bella likes her lovers to suck her labia hard and pull on them with her teeth. A highlight of this scene is when Bella collects her warm pee in a pump so that she can apply it to her sexy body like a fine lotion.

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