Bossy Patio Vag

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Bossy Patio Vag

Cast: Melissa Lynn, Tyler Nixon
Release Date: Apr 28, 2019
Duration: 00:35:52
Site: MylfBoss


Melissa Lynn may be stunningly attractive, but she is not easy to work for. Our stud learns that the hard way as he tries to complete the simple task of washing her patio furniture. First, she berates him for being late. Then, she inspects the furniture and finds that there are a few dirty spots. She almost gives up on the poor guy, but instead finds another way to incentivize him. She presses her sexy MILF body against the windows and gets our stud all riled up. Then, he breaks out his special hose and sticks it in her love crease. He pulverizes her bossy pussy and then shifts into high gear, spraying his hose all over the cunty cutie. At least tip the guy, Melissa.

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