Bottoms Up Episode 2 - Interrupt

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Bottoms Up Episode 2 – Interrupt

Cast: Monica Brown, Cristal Caitlin
Release Date: Jun 29, 2018
Duration: 00:26:11
Site: VivThomas


Gorgeous blonde Cristal Caitlin looks so sexy doing her chores in a skintight T-shirt and shorts, as episode two of Sandra Shines erotic movie Bottoms Up begins. When cute brunette Monica Brown shows up, her hands go straight to Cristals perfect ass, fondling and squeezing, then tugging her shorts down. She plants kisses on Cristals firm cheeks, and licks her tight, puckered asshole. Cristal moans approvingly, growing louder when Monica shifts her attention from her ass to her pert breasts, and sucks her pretty pink nipples erect, while rubbing her pussy. Monica kneels to lick Cristals prominent, puffy clit, then spins her around and eats her from behind, trailing her wet tongue up and down between Cristals juicy slit and asshole. Cristal slides a finger into her own ass, thrusting it in and out as Monica continues lapping at her pussy, the intense sensations making her beautiful body tremble to a powerful climax. Cristal takes control now, running a wet fingertip around Monicas dark nipples, sucking them, and pinning her arms behind her back as she kisses her way down the slender bab…

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