Butch Spanks Leela

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Butch Spanks Leela

Duration: 00:16:28
Site: ShadowLane


When Leela hesitates just a little too long in making good on her promise to move out, Butch conducts his own private interview with his daughter, which includes a long, hard, over the knee spanking. Beginning in traditional style, over the slender blonde brat39s short skirt, the hand spanking gives way to spanking atop Leela39s black panties, and then to more spanking over the 22 year old39s sheer pantyhose. But Leela is intractable, insisting that she has a plan that involves saving more money before moving out of the house. Butch demonstrates his own plan by pulling her pantyhose down and continuing to spank his daughter on her slim but shapely bare bottom. After a sound spanking from her dad, that leaves her sore and rosy pink, Leela finally agrees to take the leap into adulthood by leaving home. Crazily enough, in almost thirty years of making spanking videos, Motivational Spanking is Shadow Lane39s first foray into mommy-and-daddy-spanks-daughter territory, but with Butch and Eve putting their own unique spin on the traditional domestic discipline fantasy. Violet October, who re…

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