Butch Spanks Madison Young

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Butch Spanks Madison Young

Duration: 00:04:58
Site: ShadowLane


Political Activist Karen Just Madison Young arouses Butch Simms from a sound sleep the morning after a late night at the club where he works. Butch responds to the unsolicited visit by taking Karen over his knee and spanking her through the sheer fabric of her clinging turquoise dress with characteristic vigor. Surprisingly, she doesn39t balk, but takes every swat. She wants an audience and will have it one way or the other! And although she squirms and cries ouch out loud, it is very clear that her shapely little bottom is no stranger to a hard, masculine hand. Flipping up her skirt and inspecting his handiwork with satisfaction, Butch notes that Karen39s radiant bisque- toned skin colors up quickly and beautifully as well as the fact that she doesn39t seems to mind it when he pulls her panties down. In fact, she continues trying to argue politics, as her backside grows hotter and pinker beneath Butch Simms39 relentless punishing palm. As punishment for annoying him, Butch spanks Karen soundly, in a steady, rhythmic fashion, periodically scolding his morning caller and making bad pun…

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