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Cast: Nate Grimes, Paul Canon, Ty Mitchell
Release Date: February 21, 2020
Duration: 00:29:44
Site: MenCom


Paul Canon and Ty Mitchell can”t help but feel a little bit responsible when they set up Nate Grimes with their flaky friend, and he gets stood up! They ask Nate to stay and watch a movie with them instead, and as the thrills and spooky chills unroll onscreen, the guys cuddle closer under the blanket. Nate starts caressing Paul”s cock, then follows him into the bedroom and unveils his blockbuster big dick! Paul gets on his knees to swallow that meat, and when Ty comes in to see where his boyfriend got to, he helps Paul suck that cock. Paul fucks his petite man doggystyle as Ty goes down on Nate, then Ty rides Nate”s massive cock as Paul sucks his dick. Then Ty and Paul 69 as Nate fuck”s Ty”s hole before pulling out and cumming on Ty”s ass and Paul”s face! Paul licks off the jizz before he jacks his dick till he cums, and Ty sits on Paul”s face as he orgasms.

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