Cynthia Spanked

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Cynthia Spanked

Duration: 00:04:30
Site: ShadowLane


After a 3 cocktail luncheon, Margot invites her best friend Cynthia back to her flat in the city to gravely confront the statuesque blonde on the subject of marital infidelity. For Margot has just discovered that Cynthia and her own husband have been using the apartment as the setting for their torrid love affair! Cynthia attempts to deny it all, but Margot has tangible proof. Cynthia can but hang her head in shame, caught to rights, an adulterous wife, found to be cheating with her best friend39s spouse! Then the wronged brunette informs her untrustworthy friend that she plans to deal with her unscrupulous behavior by subjecting her to a painful and humiliating spanking! More concerned with keeping her vow-breaking a secret from her husband than worried about having her backside belabored, Cynthia agrees to let Margot take her revenge in this unusual manner and compliantly goes over Margot39s lap. She does protest having her bottom bared, but naturally is ignored. This is the first of four segments from this popular video, a must for red bottom enthusiasts!

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