Doll Clothes

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Doll Clothes

Duration: 00:18:32
Site: ShadowLane


Mrs. Santa is shocked and disappointed to see Santa39s Helpers fooling around on their phones instead of making toys. Mrs. Santa tells Elf Violet and Elf Layla that they will be punished. Naughty Violet asks to be assigned to the sex toy department instead of the doll shop, which makes Mrs. Santa even angrier. She takes Violet over her lap first, setting Layla the almost impossible task of completely changing the outfits on two fashion dolls, as fast as she can. Mrs. Santa goes on spanking Violet for a long time, because those tiny doll clothes are hard to work with and Layla is clumsy and slow. Violet39s bottom is a deep, dark red by the time those dolls are dressed. Spunky little Violet October goes submissive to powerful Venus Divine for the first time and the chemistry is fantastic.

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