Double Spanked - Part 1

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Double Spanked – Part 1

Duration: 00:22:13
Site: ShadowLane


At the office Christmas Party, Miss . Clair lets down her hair and decides it”s time to be a pal to Bonnie. The girls drink too many cocktails and embarrass Mr. Bartlett in front of the owner of the store. Discipline is administered immediately. Both girls are spanked over Mr. Bartlett”s knee and then both are made to kneel on the bed for a good paddling with the corporate paddle. This is a luscious and scintillating scene, combining the traditional feel of strict discipline with the stripped-down-to-their-undies appeal of bedroom discipline. Mr. Bartlett is an uncompromising disciplinarian who has no compunctions about wearing out his arm or exhausting his rich store of sarcastic remarks on naughty girls. This scene is blazing hot.

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