Enjoy Me Episode 1 - Savor

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Enjoy Me Episode 1 – Savor

Cast: Niki Sweet, Kathy Anderson
Release Date: Jul 25, 2018
Duration: 00:29:55
Site: VivThomas


Sexy brunette Niki Sweet sits drinking alone in a bar, her attention caught by a sexy blonde in red who sits at the next table, as episode one of Andrej Lupins erotic MILF series Enjoy Me begins. The blonde, Kathy Anderson, strikes up a conversation when we see them again, Niki is clad only in white lingerie that can barely contain her voluptuous breasts, touching herself sensuously as Kathy watches. She unhooks her bra, freeing her beautiful big boobs, smiling as Kathy peels off her own stockings. The confident blonde takes control, sucking Nikis fingers and pushing her hand into her panties, encouraging her to masturbate. She binds Nikis wrists together with a studded leather belt and pins them above her head as she starts to fondle and squeeze her tits, sucking her nipples and frigging her roughly inside her panties. Kathy pushes Niki onto her back and peels off her underwear, spreading her shaved pussy open and licking avidly. She slides two fingers into Nikis wet slit to fuck her as she sucks on her clit, making her writhe and moan as a powerful orgasm crashes through her quiveri…

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