Fit Czech barmaid offered cash for outdoor sex

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Fit Czech barmaid offered cash for outdoor sex

Cast: Lucie Dicas
Release Date: July 20, 2015
Duration: 00:29:50
Site: PublicAgent


As I was standing waiting for a tram the other day, I noticed a quite sexy looking red head sitting nearby. Time to get out my camera I thought, and see if I could attract her attention. I introduced myself and laid it on quite thickly about her able to earn a lot of money for a tv show, and that I was the talent scout searching for real amateur girls to feature on the programme. She was very interested in earning a lot more money than her current barmaids job provided, so we set off to find a quieter spot to take some photos. After I”d taken some shots, I offered her some on the spot money for sexier photos, then even more money for her and I to have some adult fun… Let”s say it didn”t take long before she was half naked and sucking my fat cock. Then I hitched her skirt up and began fucking her from behind. I managed to get her into a few more different positions before I got her lips back around my cock, where I finished off by spunking into her mouth. Before I realised, she had swallowed the lot! Good girl.

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