Grinding That Fist

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Grinding That Fist

Cast: Sissy, Angel Piaf
Release Date: Jan 24, 2019
Duration: 00:24:55
Site: FisterTwister


Take a blonde Angel, add a raven Sissy, tell them to go ham with their fists, what you get is no boxing match, but one of the hottest fisting videos ever made. It starts out with a bit of fondeling and checking what Angel Piaf can handle. A couple of fingers up that tight pussy? No problem! How about the entire hand? Check! At this point Angel is starting to get seriously horny, demanding more, so she starts helping out with her own hand. So when Sissy brings out a speculum you can see the joy in Angels face, she knows she”s about to get a proper stretch and fuck. And that my friend, is exactly what is about to happen. After having her soaked pussy lips stretched out comes a big black dildo, this thing is massive, almost equine in proportions, but that aint no problem for this girl, oh no, it slips in just fine, and Sissy is taking advanta…

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