Hairbrush spanking from Mother

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Hairbrush spanking from Mother

Duration: 00:08:23
Site: ShadowLane


Lucy, a lovely but spoiled rotten, unemployed, live at-home daughter, stays out all night with her mothers car and makes things even worse by casually strolling in the next morning toting a half empty vodka bottle. Mama Chelsea is furious and sternly reproaches Lucy for her disrespectful, dangerous and illegal behavior. For driving under the influence alone Lucy has earned a severe hairbrush spanking, with the added humiliation of having to remove every stitch of clothing first. Chelsea takes the beautiful, pouty 23 year old brunette over the lap of her crisp, white dress and spanks that girls slim, oval cheeks first with her stinging hand and then with a solid wooden hairbrush. Lucys perfect bottom begins to hotly blush the moment the spanking begins but no amount of pleading or saying, Im sorry will deter Lucys disciplinarian mom from administering a memorable over the knee correction to her recalcitrant offspring.

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