Hot Naked Babes Lick Each Other To Orgasm

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Hot Naked Babes Lick Each Other To Orgasm

Cast: Tess, Cameron Cruise
Release Date: March 14, 2012
Duration: 00:23:35
Site: Lesbea


Two beautiful, naked bodies pressed together is so erotic. The mature Lisa takes the lead, pushing on top of Tess and rubbing herself all over. Lisa reveals Tess”s wonderful physique. She has a tight body and an even tighter arse. As she sprawls forward before Lisa on the bed and her bum pushes up into the air a little we are granted with a glimpse of the gateway to heaven. When she spreads her legs teasingly she reveals the soft surrounds of her pussy, still tantalizingly covered ever so slight by her panties. Lisa cannot restrain herself and proceeds to orally explore Tess, focusing on her juicy peach, spreading her cheeks and savoring the sight. She spoons up behind to give her an orgasm, holding on tight as Tess”s body writhes and wriggles in front of her. Tess can”t wait to jump on Lisa and is visibly turned on at bringing the experienced milf too a satisfying climax.

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