Jimena in Jimena

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Jimena in Jimena

Cast: Jimena
Release Date: Apr 18, 2016
Duration: 00:32:56
Site: Wet And Pissy


Jimena is not the most articulate with her words, but her pause between them reveals her coy nature. She makes it a point to emphasize the word “fetish” with a spot-on hand gesture. When Jimena gets to the moment of proving the validity of those words, she definitely lives up to them. She”s the perfect girl, striving to be as extreme as possible as she keeps happily smiling. Jimena also happens to be a gifted pisser, pulling off some impressive volumes of pissing and characteristic naughty poses. Crouched in an almost fetal position, Jimena gets on her knees and bends her body downwards with her ass in front of the camera for a gratuitous display of raunchiness. Her panties become the centerpiece for the next segment as she repeatedly soaks them on the table top and wrings them over herself and into her mouth. She keeps consistently fresh, spreading her legs open into the air with her magnificent urethra unleashing another massive stream. Her final pee revolves around a traditional piss into a glass, but she doesn”t make it easy for herself, placing the glass on the table and standing…

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