Just What He Needs

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Just What He Needs

Cast: Dereck Thibault, Edward Terrant
Release Date: December 28, 2020
Duration: 00:25:11
Site: MenCom


Dereck Thibault is feeling horny, and his hand just isn”t doing it for him, but every time he tries using something around the apartment to get off, his roommate, Edward Terrant, comes in and stops him. Edward shuts Dereck down when he”s fucking a pillow and then a watermelon, but when he finds Dereck with the vacuum cleaner on his cock head, he replaces it with his mouth! Getting his dick sucked and his balls licked is just what Dereck needed, and soon the blue-eyed twink is riding his big cock! Dereck fucks the bottom doggystyle, then pounds him in missionary. Edward takes a big facial, then blows his own load on the melon before he and Dereck sit back for a little post-coital snack!

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