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Mackenzie”s First Spanking

Duration: 00:09:46
Site: ShadowLane


A naughty beauty acts as bratty as possible on her first spanking date with her new boyfriend, because she thinks that39s how a spanking submissive is supposed to behave. This happens more often than you might think! But there is a limit to Joe39s patience with Mackenzie39s inexperience and as soon as they return to The Inn at Shadow Lane, where they have booked a weekend getaway, he takes the doe-eyed brunette in hand. While it is true that Mackenzie has behaved very badly, she is basically a gentle, well-bred, sweet, compliant girl, enchanted with the idea of being spanked. Thus, she submits to the discipline she has earned with dreamy delight rather than dread. In short, the harder Mackenzie is spanked, the more she blisses out. Adorable Mackenzie39s first spanking is over the knee, beginning on her skirt, moving quickly to those snug red, full seated panties, and then concentrating on her beautiful, shapely, flawless bare bottom. All hand spanking in this scene.

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