Madison & Dr. Ramsay - 1

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Madison & Dr. Ramsay – 1

Duration: 00:17:52
Site: ShadowLane


Karen Just arrives on Dr. Ramsays examination table with a bottom already paddled dark pink by Eve Howard. The doctor immediately goes hands on with his scrumptious patient, pulling up her filmy white gown to expose her small, full, hard nippled bosom and her creamy nether regions below. Squeezing, teasing and spreading his shyly obedient patient, Dr. Ramsay naturally begins to focus his complete attention on Karens buttocks and genitalia, waking up her vulva with light spanks and paying similar attention to an even more private place. Always a firm believer in anal discipline, Dr. Ramsay cant praise Karen enough for her breathless submission to his deeply probing punishment techniques. Of course she feels the pain, and that indeed is part of the therapy, but Karen also knows that for once all the attention is focused on herself and her needs. It is her orgasm that counts this time, and hers alone. Dr. Ramsay uses a long, slim, cold, slippery, one shot lubricator to inject moistening fluid into Karens bottom. Karen squirms.

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