Mischief Makers - Paris Spanked

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Mischief Makers – Paris Spanked

Duration: 00:05:39
Site: ShadowLane


After the stock market crash, Henry suffers a nervous collapse. The poor man39s nerves in tatters, he craves a quiet life. So naturally he quails to discover that his two orphaned, distant girl cousins will be staying with him for a month! While crunching tranquilizers, he earnestly begs the girls to respect his desire for total peace and quiet at all times, petitioning them to also refrain from ever creating a mess. Sure, Cousin Henry, dream on! Amber is blatantly naughty while Crystal prefers to be nice, but when they deliberately disturb Cousin Henry, they both get spanked hard! The little darlings are played to sheer perfection by 19 year old Samantha Woodley as Crystal, who reacts splendidly to an epic amount of severe hand spanking and the auburn haired, 21 year old Paris as the consummately impertinent Amber, whose fair skin reddens faster than any girl we39ve ever seen. Steve Fuller is absolutely wonderful as Cousin Henry, running the gamut from comic deadpan to rip-roaring outrage as the put-upon relation to the two perky hellions. Amber gets it first in this scene for borrow…

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