Naty Lee in Naty Lee

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Naty Lee in Naty Lee

Cast: Naty Lee
Release Date: Oct 9, 2014
Duration: 00:23:18
Site: Wet And Pissy


Naty Lee turns it on and turns it up for all of the pee fans out there. A sexy little tug on her dress divulges her urgency to pee. She lifts her leg up to pee into a champagne glass, filling it with a nice golden color. She takes off her drenched mini dress and puts a naughty twist on “pin the tail on the donkey”, inserting a red maned toy anally and swinging it around. She poses in a brazen manner, resting on one knee and her hand, with her other leg parallel to her body, giving is a full view of her stream as she pees. There”s some nice smiles thrown our way and her eyes are equally alluring as she looks into the camera. Amidst the sound of the pitter-patter, there”s an almost inaudible laugh and a sexy sigh as well. An excellent self pee adds to the already sensual presence that Naty bares upon us.

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