Nightmares Do Come True: Ivy LeBelle Confronted By Her Fears

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Nightmares Do Come True: Ivy LeBelle Confronted By Her Fears

Cast: Ivy LeBelle
Release Date: October 31, 2019
Duration: 00:42:02
Site: Kink – DeviceBondage


It is All Hallows Eve, and the freaks have come out to play. But Ivy LeBelle doesnt enjoy such unpredictable situations so she decides to stay home, surrounded by her familiar comforts. A friend calls to convince her that her fears are all in her head and that she should come out and party. But Ivy has already decided to kick back alone. Ivys off to bed, but she doesnt realize that its in bed where most nightmares come true. She tosses and turns in her sleep, and as her dreams besiege her, she finds herself in the clutches of a terrifying mad man, whose only purpose it to torment her in her dreams. Shes held captive in grueling bondage as he has his way with her, exploring her body while shes spread wide in chains, violating every hole, imposing orgasms and sensations she can only have in the dream world. Ivy struggles to fight off this sadistic maniac, but he continues his relentless incursion without mercy. Her pussy explodes with orgasms even as shes living through her fears. Pain and pleasure ripple through her body, confusing her as to whether shes experiencing a wild fantasy or …

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