Nikki Spanked 2-A

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Nikki Spanked 2-A

Duration: 00:09:46
Site: ShadowLane


Nikki arrives for her second interview with Mr. Fuller dressed in a ladylike manner, perhaps in the hopes that her adviser will begin to see her as a grown woman, rather than a recalcitrant who must be taken in hand. No such luck for the saucy girl. For her guardian has discovered a whole hoard of credit card accounts Nikki has been running up huge bills on, which she had no intention of telling him anything about. Once again, Nikki is taken across Mr. Fuller”s knee, this time for a longer and even harder correctional session. Her dainty skirt is pushed up to reveal classic white cotton panties, but the sight of these do little to curb Mr. Fuller”s indignation, for he is determined to make the irresponsible playgirl understand that her funds are finite and that she is almost at the end of them. Nikki is spanked on her full briefs and on the bare bottom for her extravagances and haughtiness.

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