Noleta in Yes I Can

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Noleta in Yes I Can

Cast: Noleta
Release Date: Nov 25, 2013
Duration: 00:29:21
Site: Wet And Pissy


A recent experience has left Noleta doubting whether she can pee in front of a camera. Not able to go from a standing position, she then mounts a small seat with no results. After another unsuccessful attempt, she squats down to the sound of success. She pauses and turns as her doubt becomes irrelevant and she manages a lenghty pee. Later, after peeing into a wine glass, she turns once again and plants one foot on the seat to continue. As if the first pee wasn”t long enough, she now has an impressive pee of almost 3 minutes. Elegantly shot, Noleta is visually stunning. Not only does she succeed in doing what she wished to do, she far exceeded it.

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