Running Away

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Running Away

Release Date: Aug 20, 2018
Duration: 00:17:43
Site: BrotherCrush


Every little boy tries to run away at some point, and Austin is no different. When his stepdad gets really mad at him one day, he packs a bag and decides to run for it — but his stepbrother catches him in the act. He cant imagine living without — he loves the little guy too much. But he offers to help him pack while he thinks up a plan to make him stay. And what do you know, packed a pair of the older boys underwear, to bring a piece of his stepbrother with him. In fact hes wearing a pair of his undies right that moment! And once he strips down, the older boys giant cock gets rock hard, and he knows sticking it in his buddys hole will probably do the trick. The little guy unleashes a fountain of jizz with the boner inside him — no way hed run away now, hes gonna want that dick every day!

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