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She”s Gonna Get It Part 3

Duration: 00:04:28
Site: ShadowLane


Now fully nude, with her fabulous body completely exposed, Mackenzie is bidden by Joe to kneel on the chair and present her already well punished bottom for a session with the belt. Joe takes off his leather belt and straps her outthrust bottom resoundingly, in classic disciplinarian style. The licking hurts, but also drives Mackenzie deeper into a submissive trance.From their long correspondence leading up to this date, Joe knows that the implement that fascinates Mackenzie the most is the hairbrush, which he reserves for the final phase of her punishment. Mackenzie responds to the harsh kiss of the wood on her already sore, rosy bottom with a mixture of distress and acute excitement. Again and again the crisp wooden smacks fill the air, culminating in a hard, fast paddling flurry that causes her both pain and exquisite pleasure.

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