Spanked for Twerking - Bottoms Inspected & Uncle Arrives

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Spanked for Twerking – Bottoms Inspected & Uncle Arrives

Duration: 00:11:46
Site: ShadowLane


After disciplining her charges, Sarah has the girls bend over to examine their bottoms post spanking. They are very pink, but will the color last until Uncle Penwyn arrives? Uncle Penwyn Keith Jones arrives and expresses his anger and disappointment at the cousins for behaving so badly during the college interview tour he has financed for them. Solemnly informing them that they will all be spanked, and Sarah especially severely, for being the oldest and thus most responsible for their group actions, he begins by turning bouncy, luscious Christy Cutie over his knee and making her ample rosy seat red hot with the palm of his very hard hand. Christy squeals and cries with pain as Uncle Penwyn continues to resolutely discipline the naughty girl.

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