Strapping, Paddling & The Birch

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Strapping, Paddling & The Birch

Duration: 00:13:52
Site: ShadowLane


Mrs. Santa has one more trick up her red velvet sleeve for the naughty elves to endure. Now she bends them each, bare bottomed, over the table, side by side, and orders them to pick various cards from her pack and tell her the denomination. Then she multiples the numbers, depending on her whim, and proceeds to administer that many strokes to each girl with two leather paddles. For the grand finale, Mrs. Santa flogs the girls, side by side, with a cinnamon birch rod, that splinters in dozens of tiny pieces as a result of her enthusiasm and the resilience of the pretty elves39 firm bottoms. Merry Christmas Spanking Fans!

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