Vampira Moderna: Squirt Sucking Anal Succubus Withers Under Orgasms

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Vampira Moderna: Squirt Sucking Anal Succubus Withers Under Orgasms

Cast: Cadence Lux, Victoria Voxxx, Seth Gamble
Release Date: October 31, 2019
Duration: 01:14:59
Site: Kink – Families Tied


Cadence Lux is the picture of radiant beauty as she enters the home of her new suitor Seth Gamble for the very first time. The sun is shining and his gorgeous modern Californian bungalow is filled with fresh flowers and promise. Even when Seth makes a confession that he has a long-term illness Cadence is not deterred. She has fallen for the oldest trick in the book, and fails to notice that all of Seths new age crystals and hippy nonsense is actually an elaborate altar designed to extract Cadences soul through a sex ritual. As they fall deeper into a passionate afternoon fuck, Cadence becomes delirious under Seths 2000-year-old sexual prowess. Seth throws Cadence around and fucks her throat rigorously while beating her ass pink with a flogger and cane. Cadence obeys with pleasure when Seth asks her to slip her fingers in her panties and make herself cum, but what she doesnt know is that every time she cums she super charges Seth and depletes herself. Seth gets one taste of her soul and starts to binge on her orgasms by tying her up in leg binding shibari and alternates between caning her sensitive legs and feet and fucking her wet horny cunt. As the flower of her soul wilts under a barrage of squirting wet orgasms, Cadence is almost certainly done for, but then Seths mysterious step-sister sneaks in and interrupts them. Unfortunate for Cadence, Victoria Voxxx is an even more deadly sex vampire then Seth, her immortal step-son. Victoria smelled Cadences insouciant sexual spirit from afar and came to steal her from Seth. Victoria quickly orders Seth away and then binds Cadence in leather handcuffs. Playing more deadly lesbian games Victoria devours Cadences cunt and coaxes more squirting orgasms from her. While Victoria is distracted by Cadences delicious body Seth breaks free and binds Victoria determined to steal the soul of both Victoria and Cadence. The punishing sexual showdown between Victoria and Seth is white-hot and thousands of years in the making. Seth handcuffs and plugs her ass with a metal anal hook and then flogs her pussy and ass until it is welted and striped. He fucks both of Victorias holes while she writhes and cums without control. Cadence also gets in on the fun sitting on Victorias face and squirting all over her open mouth. Orgasms arent enough for Seth and he turns Victoria over and canes her viciously until she cums from the pain. He then has them both under his spell and cover their bodies with clamps, tight metal ones for Victorias sensitive nipples and clothespins for Cadences milky skin and Victorias pussy zipper. The brutal pain play and BDSM threesome would be enough to steal anyones life force but Cadence is special and survives until the final orgasm, gobbling Seths hot cum off of her own bush and running to steal the charged talismans from the altar, leaving both Victoria and Seth to age and wither on the floor.

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