Vanessa Hell - Time For Tea

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Vanessa Hell – Time For Tea

Cast: Vanessa Hell
Release Date: Jan 6, 2015
Duration: 00:31:41
Site: ViPissy


Blonde goddess Vanessa Hell has been giving her boyfriend dirty thoughts all morning and he”s ready for some action. When Vanessa leaves the room, her man quickly dumps out her tea and replaces it with a mug full of his fresh piss. It doesn”t take long for Vanessa to realize that the fluid she”s gulping down is not the herbal beverage she thought. Pleasantly surprised, Vanessa accepts the not-so-subtle hint and pulls her hot pink thong aside to fill her lover”s mug with her own aromatic juices. After swallowing down more of the tangy concoction, Vanessa drops to her knees and begins sucking her boyfriend”s cock, luring another stream of golden pee out with her lips and tongue. The liquid showers the blonde”s face as she fills her mouth and spits it back out onto the erect human fountain. After slurping up puddles of piss from the coffee table, Vanessa bends over for a deep fuck in her cum craving pussy. Plenty more golden showers and carnal pleasures are in store before the naughty piss vixen is completely satisfied. Never before did Vanessa realize just how sexy and erotic an unbridl…

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