Violet October Gets The Clinical Approach

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Violet October Gets The Clinical Approach

Duration: 00:12:50
Site: ShadowLane


Miss Gregory tells Violet to take her clothes off while she prepares her therapeutic enema. Violet complains that Miss Rouge always lets her change into cute pajamas for her treatment. Miss Gregory brings her some pajamas to change into but tells her she wont be allowed to keep them on for long. Miss Gregory places Violet face down on exam table, lubricates her and takes her temperature rectally. Presently she uses a lube shooter to better lubricate Violet for her enema. Miss Gregory gives Violet the bag enema, with a clever dildo nozzle inserted to deliver the warm water. At Miss Gregory39s request, Mr. Osborne assists by holding the bag quite high. When Violet claims she cant hold it any longer, Miss Gregory is very strict and tells her she must, spanking her and squeezing her tummy while Violet is on all fours. By now Violet39s pajama bottoms are off and her beautiful little bosom is exposed. When Violet cant hold the water anymore, Miss Gregory escorts her out of the room, holding the bag. Violet is still plugged with the wiggly dildo nozzle.

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