Will & Bree - 1st Spanking

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Will & Bree – 1st Spanking

Duration: 00:15:41
Site: ShadowLane


Will agrees to his girlfriend Bree moving in with him to save expenses, provided that she help him run a completely green house, which means not wasting energy. Bree agrees to obey her lover”s sensible wishes, but really doesn”t take Will”s mania for conservation seriously and continues to not turn off unnecessary lights and let the water with reckless abandon, which results in soaring utilities bills, just one month after her moving in. Remembering Bree”s off-hand promise that he might spank her if she didn”t comply with his wishes, the sober Will takes his frivolous sweetheart over his knee and impresses on her the gravity of an earth in the balance by applying the palm of his hand to her bare behind. Stunned, stinging, sore and rosy-red, the temporarily chastened Bree agrees to abide by Will”s rules in the future.

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