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Genres: Old vs Young, Teen, Hardcore, Blowjob, Stepdad
Rip Date: September 2021

Description of “Dad Crush”: It’s normal to have crushes on authority figures. They’re older, wiser and have more power, and what could be sexier than that? On Dad Crush SiteRip, nubile girls with raging hormones fall for their stepdads and then act on their urges. This kind of family bonding may be unorthodox, but that’s what makes it so appealing.

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Teens have sex with their stepfathers on a taboo porn site. Either the girls are caught masturbating or they want to live out their fantasy of fucking their older, attractive stepdad. Whatever the reason, it’s always kinky. Sometimes the girls walk in on their stepfather jerking off and can’t help but to seduce him, and other times it’s the stepdad who catches his stepdaughter in the buff. You can watch all the action play out in POV scenes from the dad’s perspective.

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Take A Load Off Stepdad.mp4
Smashing A Cellphone Snoop.mp4
Laid Off Stepdaughter Lust.mp4
Stepdad Sausage With Her Eggs.mp4
My Stepdaughter Earns Her Tuition.mp4
Practice With My Stepdad.mp4
Bad Religion.mp4
Seducing My Stepfather.mp4
Its Called A Blowjob.mp4
Worlds Greatest Stepdaughter.mp4
Lap Dances For Daddy.mp4
Sexually Preparing My Stepdaughter.mp4
Cabin In The Woods Cooch.mp4
Do That Thing With Your Tongue.mp4
The Only Man In Her Life.mp4
Virginal Vag Vlogging.mp4
Family Cums First.mp4
Stepdaughter Pussy Punishment.mp4
Help With Revenge.mp4
Consoled By My Stepdaughter.mp4
My Stepdaughter The Sex Slave.mp4
Doing What I Want With Stepdad.mp4
Tight Pussy Problems.mp4
Stepdaughters First Sex Talk.mp4
Stepdaughter Selfie Snatch.mp4
SEX 101.mp4
Laid Back Cuntry Living.mp4
Earning the Car Keys.mp4
Punishing My Slutty Stepdaughter.mp4
Stepsisters Love To Share.mp4
Daughterly Needs.mp4
Fucking Over Stepfather.mp4
Family Therapy.mp4
The Horny Happy Fathers Day.mp4
Bratty Behavior.mp4
A Taste Of Testicles.mp4
Money Hungry Step Daughter.mp4
My Girl Likes To Party.mp4
Vibrating Valentines Panties.mp4
Satisfy Your Stepdaughter.mp4
Breakfast Surprise.mp4
Familiar Dick.mp4
Fathers Day.mp4
Under The Table.mp4
Daughters Support.mp4
My Stepdaughters Best Friend.mp4
StepDad Intervenes.mp4
Breaking the Spell.mp4
My Stepdaughter Milked My Cock.mp4
Stepdaughter Knows Best.mp4
Stepfathers Foot Fetish.mp4
My Favorite Stepdaughter.mp4
A Little Spanking Goes A Long Way.mp4
Sensitive Stepdaughter Nookie.mp4
Out All Night.mp4
Horny Hiking With My Stepdad.mp4
Sending Daddy The Wrong Selfies.mp4
The Masked Surprise.mp4
Get Out Of My Room And Into My Pussy.mp4
Stepdaughter Dick Dancing Lessons.mp4
Fathers Deception.mp4
Slurp And Sip My Nips.mp4
The Candid Cam Slam.mp4
The Parent Trap.mp4
Curious About Stepdads Cock.mp4
Dickcoin 20.mp4
Seven Dollar Step Slut.mp4
Sergeant Stepdad.mp4
Rebellious Daughter.mp4
Perverted Stepdad Gets Caught Continuously.mp4
Counting Sheep With Her Cunt.mp4
Fathers Day Competition.mp4
Cum Back Here Daddy.mp4
Raising Her Responsibilities.mp4
Stepdaughter New School Slit.mp4
I Know What Stepdad Likes.mp4
Stepdads Trashy Little Whore.mp4
Spying On My Parents Fucking.mp4
Youll Have To Learn The Lesson.mp4
School Day Sucking.mp4
Selfie Schlick.mp4
Send Nudes To Papa.mp4
Grounded Or Pounded.mp4
Dollars For My Stepdaughter.mp4
Bonding Over Some Boning.mp4
Epic Father Daughter Road Trip.mp4
Draining Step Daddys Ding Dong.mp4
Lingerie For My Stepdaughter.mp4
Spanking My Stepdaughters.mp4
Daddys Dirty Phone.mp4
Fondled And Fucked By Stepdad.mp4
Do It For Your Stepdaddy Challenge.mp4
Father Figure Issues.mp4
Stepdads Favorite Girl.mp4
My Stepdaughter Blew Me In My Truck.mp4
Tickle Fight.mp4
Disciplining Stepdaughter Pussy.mp4
My Pervy Narc Stepdad.mp4
Sharing Cock Is Caring.mp4
Getting Stuck With My Princess.mp4
Amnesia Amnesty.mp4
Dont Worry About The Money.mp4
Dont Ground Me Just Love Me.mp4
Sneak Fucking In Front Of Mom.mp4
Doing My Little Chonga.mp4
Family Favors.mp4
Why Is My Stepdads Dick So Hard.mp4
Stepdaddys Promiscuous Girl.mp4
Stepdaddy Triangle.mp4
The Inexperienced Stepdaughter.mp4
Bald Pussy Problems.mp4
Daddy What Can I Do For Money.mp4
The Stepdaughter Fantasy.mp4
Getting Even With Pops.mp4
Daddys Fuck Doll.mp4
Boob Tube Bonding.mp4
Quid Pro Quo With My Stepdaughter.mp4
Stepdaddys Devious Deal.mp4
Get It From My Dad.mp4
Stepdaughter Takes My Breath Away.mp4
Chip In.mp4
Major Stepdaddy Issues.mp4
Can We Cuddle Like We Used To.mp4
Dealing With Stepdad.mp4
Fathers Day Fun.mp4
Horny Happy Birthday.mp4
My Daughter The Cam Queen.mp4
Mall Rat Muff.mp4
Proving Papa Wrong.mp4
Keeping Stepdaddy Quiet.mp4
Step daughter TLC.mp4
Cell Phone Pussy Pics.mp4
Daddys Private Productions.mp4
Shaving Lessons.mp4
Invading Her Privacy.mp4
Sexually Active Stepdaughter Secrets.mp4
House Rules.mp4
Bang One Get One.mp4
Bad Attitude.mp4
Report To Your Father.mp4
Stepdaddys Encouragement.mp4
Play With Stepdads Hard Drive.mp4
Swalloween Fun.mp4
Stepdad Gives Me The Talk.mp4
Phone Tapping That Stepdaughter Ass.mp4
Voter Persuation.mp4
Curious About Stepdads Cock.mp4
Stepdaughters Sleepover Surprise.mp4
Sexually Successful Stepdaughter.mp4
Tough Luck.mp4
Overprotecting The Poon.mp4
Laid Off And Turned On.mp4
Stepdaughters Deal.mp4
Stepdads Secret Kink.mp4
Unacceptable Little Slut.mp4
Strong Bond.mp4
A Flashy Entrance.mp4
Squirting Is The Best Medicine.mp4
Earn It Back.mp4
Daddys Little Helper.mp4
Me and My Steppy.mp4
Sexual Afterschool Activities.mp4
Notice Me Step Daddy.mp4
Back From College.mp4
Taking A Load Off Stepdad.mp4
Stepdaughter Tighty Whitey Twat.mp4
No Dress Code For My Stepdaughter.mp4
Tasting My Stepfather.mp4
18 and Ready.mp4
Squeezing In My Stepdad.mp4
Contraception Intervention.mp4
Persuading Stepdaddy.mp4
Cutting Class Means Slapping Ass.mp4
Stepdaughter Booty Shorts Shag.mp4
Intimate Family Affairs.mp4
Sending Daddy The Wrong Selfies.mp4
Green Card For A V Card.mp4
Forgive Me Stepfather For I Have Sinned.mp4
Favors For My Favorite Stepdad.mp4
Daddys Dick Is Hard.mp4
Studying At Stepdads.mp4
Stepdaughter Cares For Daddy.mp4
My Stepdaughter Visits From College.mp4
Kpop Pussy Popping.mp4
Easing Daddys Tension.mp4
I Know What I Want.mp4
Dads Property.mp4
Stepdaughter Squirt Problems.mp4
Stepdads Home For Horny Teen Girls.mp4
Ill Be Better Than Mom.mp4
My Stepdad The Snitch.mp4
Innapropriate Talks With Stepdad.mp4
Respect Your Elders.mp4
Stepdads Apprentice.mp4
Sabotaging Stepdads Relationship.mp4
Keeping Stepdads Secret Cash.mp4
My Honor Student Sucks Better Cock Than Yours.mp4
My Stepdaughters Phone.mp4
The Dedicated Dirty Daddy.mp4
Pervy Paternal Support.mp4
Stepdads Revenge.mp4
Geriatric Jack Off.mp4
Caught Watching Porno By Stepdad.mp4
Defiled By My Boyfriends Dad.mp4
Early Dicksmissal.mp4
Stepdaughter Cock Care.mp4
A Real Van Hogh.mp4
My Stepdaughter Motivates Me.mp4
Daddys Little Princess.mp4
A Stepdaughter Like You.mp4
Did I get my Stepdaughter Pregnant.mp4
Stepdaddy Over Mommy.mp4
Sneaky Father Problems.mp4
Almost Identical Twin Stepdaughters.mp4
Hooky Stepdaughter Nookie.mp4
Tricking My Stepdad.mp4
Caught Twerking For The Tube.mp4
Dirty Daddy Things.mp4
Daddys Dirty Anal Adventure.mp4
Home Movies.mp4
Consolation Cunt.mp4
Stepdaughter Pussy Persuasion.mp4
Panty Sniffer Problems.mp4
I Have Raised A Little Whore.mp4
Sleepover Study And Fuck.mp4
Stepdaughter Knows How To Bargain.mp4